Hexters early access release postponed… but you already knew that

I wrote about a year ago that Hexters is soon going to be released to Early Access. Well, at least that was the plan. I’m not willing to go public with the details of our personal lives or company economics but let’s just say a sickness which I’m still recovering from and lots of subcontracting work did a lot of damage to our plans.

Despite the hardships though, we’ve been still working on the game  so the project is absolutely not dead or anything. Au contraire! It’s better than ever 🙂

We got a plan to actually update this blog every two weeks from now on, and you can follow our personal SoMe accounts for more unofficial snippets or daily silliness.

There’s only one major feature left for the EA version, after that rest is mostly polish as we don’t want to release buggy, unplayable garbage into the Early Access. We’re looking forward on finally putting the results of our hard work to your hands, and hear all the things you got to say, good or bad 🙂

As a side note, we decided to go into a different visual direction with this blog than our website. Should be less confusing for now.

And yeah, that’s a hammer.

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