Some engine and asset details…

Why hello there!

How about today we look what this thing of ours is made of? As you can probably deduct from the post image, our engine of choice on the moment is Unity3D. Sure, it has some problems and some really questionable user practices but for us the pros are fortunately larger than the cons:

  • For a small studio speed is life and Unity is golden for quick prototyping
  • Just because we got skills to create a 3d- and a game engine of our own (like for Triplane Turmoil II) doesn’t mean it’s that useful to do all the time
  • The price point is, well, on-point; it’s relatively cheap.
  • It’s used widely so there’s a lot of user input around
  • It’s a fine engine if one just acknowledges with the fact that it doesn’t work out-of-the-box quite as advertised
  • Unity’s asset store has some wonderful solutions and assets which saves a lot of our time / effort

Speaking of assets, here’s some which we’re using and are quite happy about! If you happen to be the developer of any of these, enjoy some free advertisement 😉

Text Mesh Pro

Pretty much the De Facto asset for all text and font related stuff. I’m raising my eyebrows in disbelief if you’re using something else. It’s so good it should be part of Unity. Oh wait, it is now.

SE Natural Bloom & Dirty Lens

Sonic Ether‘s Natural Bloom & Dirty Lens is a fantastic post processing asset and it’s doing exactly what it advertises. This guy has some other really cool stuff as well, just check out his site.

Playway Water System

Really nice water system / shader. Just look at it.

Audio Toolkit

Well, FMOD or not I think we all agree audio is one of the most overlooked aspect in Unity. This asset might not be the “magic bullet” for the audio, but in my personal opinion the best “adequate” base for all audio. It’s clear and simple, unlike some of the more heavy-weight audio assets.

Draconus Icon Manager

And of course a shameless advertisement of one of our own assets. Maybe not so critical until the release, don’t be silly and get it.


That’s a small sample of what we are building Hexters on. Until next time!

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