New forum and community hub up!

I previously posted about closing our old phpbb3 forums. And we did. Effectively nuked over 12 years worth of posts and content, but for a reason:


Draconus has been on a hiatus in a certain sense, considering we’ve previously released a game in 2006 which is 11 years ago on the time of writing this. Jeez. The irony in all this is that we’ve still been working most of the time on something but nothing really saw broad daylight. Unlucky, bad decisions, life, whatever the reason that’s about it.


Today is a fresh start in more than one sense, and even though I wrote “forums are permanently closed” I lied! New forums are up and running at with a brand new software and phpbb3 can figuratively kiss my posterior for goodbye with all it’s spammer- and hacker-ridden insanity. Hopefully the new software will be better 😉


We also have a discord server now:

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