Hexters news on latest activity and next big update

Hey folks,

Hexters has been out for couple of months now, and for few last weeks there has been no updates. Here’s some news about that!

Next / first content update

We’re working hard on getting the next level, Data Desert and it’s going to introduce a really big major feature: Research. This should be interesting concept for players and also an important platform for us to use as a “funnel” which can then be used to introduce more features. There is going to be some new power generation related possibilities, new monsters, new weapons etc.

Die, scourge scum!

Unity problems

Hexters is made with Unity just like majority of games these days and it had some problems lately, and I mean real problems like “let’s break some fundamental features which have been there from the start” which caused unfortunately some extra headache for us too, argh. They fortunately finally got a patch out which addresses that problem.

Logistics improvements

One of the big issues we’re seeing from the streams is that the logistics has some clarity problems, and I’m hoping we can tackle that in the near future as well. Here’s a mockup what the new logistics could be like:

It looks a bit better, and player would have a clear(er) indication of what the cargo drones are actually going to do 🙂


Here’s few nice streams and an interview if you missed them:

Rated-R – The Draconus Paradox (105)

And of course, the game itself 🙂





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